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A shower enclosure is functional and works well in both small and large bathrooms. For this reason, many investors go for this solution. When considering the purchase of a shower enclosure, we should think about what kind of shower tray it would fit. The shower tray may make the enclosure not only functional but also nice-looking. Just browse through the shower trays SanSwiss offers and you’ll find models that will be a great decoration.

Buying a shower enclosure and a shower tray separately comes with several advantages. But, what is the most important is the ability to customize the shower tray not only to the shower enclosure itself, but also to the entire arrangement of the bathroom. Shower trays can have different sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can choose one that would complement your bathroom decor in the best way possible.

The material used for shower trays

Shower trays can vary not only in appearance but also in terms of the material used to make them. Depending on what the shower tray is made of, its properties and durability will differ. Acrylic and conglomerate shower trays are the most popular.

Conglomerate shower trays

Conglomerate shower trays are a high-end choice for demanding people who appreciate high quality. They are mostly made of marble with an admixture of dyes, resin, and plastic. Conglomerate shower trays have a very elegant look. They are also very durable and resistant to chipping and scratching. At the same time, they are smooth and warm, which translates into the comfort of use.

Acrylic shower trays

Acrylic shower trays are less costly than conglomerate ones. They are also light, warm, durable, and easy to install. They aren’t as scratch-resistant as the previous ones, but they are available in many colors and shapes, so they have important decorative qualities.

Shower trays in various shapes: rectangular, square or semicircular

Modern shower trays can vary greatly in shape. There are rectangular, semicircular, or square shower trays on sale. The range of dimensions is even greater. This allows us to find a model that works well depending on the size of the bathroom and the shower enclosure itself.

Low shower trays from SanSwiss

For a modern and minimalist bathroom, a low shower tray will be suitable. It will be nearly at floor level, which will increase the comfort of use. Ultra-slim shower trays that SanSwiss offers are a proposal for customers who appreciate modern design. Just check out our low shower tray series: ILA, LIVADA, MARBLEMATE, and TRACY. These are elegant conglomerate shower trays, which are covered with a Gelcoat layer. They are stylish and easy to install.

Deep shower trays

Deep shower trays are still available in stores, but they are less popular than flat ones. While a shower with a flat shower tray looks elegant and subtle, high shower trays are massive and take up more space in the bathroom. They do have their fans, but this group is gradually shrinking.

Shower trays in various sizes

Every bathroom is different, so the shower unit can also be different. Small bathrooms require small enclosures, and spacious bathrooms invite investors to opt for larger ones. Regardless of the size of the shower enclosure, we are looking for, a wide selection of shower trays allows us to find one that would fit in perfectly. The smallest shower trays can be as small as 800 × 800mm, while as an example, the dimensions of the large ones can go up to 900 × 1600 mm.

What to pay attention to when purchasing a shower tray?

When preparing a bathroom design project, the first thing we should think of is the needs of the users, their comfort, and safety. When browsing through the shower trays, we should make sure we choose one that is comfortable for everyone to use, including children and the elderly. The bathroom’s design style is also an important aspect to consider; maybe it is worth replacing the traditional white-colored shower tray with a black one?