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Rectangular shower trays - SanSwiss models

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We cannot choose a shower enclosure without making sure that we also have a matching shower tray. Although they are purchased separately, they should work together well. Still the most popular shower enclosures are the rectangular ones, that’s why also rectangular shower trays are purchased most often. Such a reputable manufacturer as SanSwiss could not miss them in its offer.

Rectangular shower trays are a strong competitor for the linear floor drain

When planning a bathroom renovation, many people wonder whether to opt for a rectangular shower tray or a linear floor drain. The latter is minimalist and elegant, but its installation is more complicated and can only be performed during a major renovation. In this respect, a shower tray is a much more attractive solution. Besides, shower trays available these days look modern and stylish. If we look at the rectangular shower trays offered by SanSwiss, we easily notice that they have a distinguished design, and being low, we can enter the shower unit as comfortably as it is in case of the linear floor drain. A shower tray has an advantage over the drain also in terms of installation. We can incorporate it into our bathroom’s design at any time, without having to wait for a general renovation.

SanSwiss rectangular shower trays - what makes them different?

SanSwiss is a manufacturer caring about its products in every respect; what matters are high quality, comfort of use and aesthetics. A rectangular shower tray will serve for many years and will look as good as on the day of purchase. It should be mentioned that SanSwiss trays are ultra-slim, which distinguishes them from other shower trays available on the market. They are almost at the floor level.

All of them are conglomerate shower trays, designed for those looking for a premium shower tray. Each rectangular shower tray is a combination of marble and polyester, of which the former accounts for 80%. As a result, the shower trays are hard and resistant to damage and scratches, and at the same time look very elegant and warm. They therefore combine the best advantages of stone and acrylic shower trays. Some series are available in black, which makes them look marvelous in glam or contemporary style bathrooms. Others have an anti-slip surface, which in turn increases safety and minimizes the risk of falling. In addition, all rectangular shower trays are covered with durable Gelcoat coating.

Great variety of sizes of rectangular shower trays

A rectangular shower enclosure is a solution that works both in small and large bathrooms, and for each of these cases, it will have a different size. This is why a large selection of shower tray sizes was made available. We can easily find a model with small dimensions like 750 × 900mm and 800 × 900mm. At the same time, there are a number of larger shower trays in the offer for example: 700 × 1,400mm, 800 × 1,200mm or 900 × 1,600mm.