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Bath screens from the manufacturer SanSwiss

+Product category (Bath screens)
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  • Pivot door, outside and inside opening
  • Pivot door with inline panel (hinge on fixed side), outside and inside opening
  • Sliding door, two parts
  • Folding door
  • Doorless solutions
+Glass finish

SanSwiss Overbath Screens for bathtubs

One of the most popular SanSwiss products is bath screens. They work especially well in smaller bathrooms when the homeowners can’t afford to install both the bathtub and the shower. This solution is associated primarily with functionality, which is one of the most common reasons why customers choose this option, but there are much more advantages to it.

Bath screens by SanSwiss

SanSwiss has been manufacturing high-quality shower enclosures and shower trays for years. For a few decades now it has been delivering these products to many European countries. It enjoys recognition and a good reputation. Wanting to cater to the needs of every customer who is on the lookout for bathroom equipment, the manufacturer has designed several series of bath screens. A bath shower screen is an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms. It is also perfect for homeowners who dream of a shower but do not want to go through a thorough and costly renovation. The manufacturer is renowned for its high-quality products and its use of modern technologies. As a result, the bathroom gets equipped with a high-quality screen, which will not only serve for years but is also pleasing to the eye. Every product in this category meets the EN 14428:2008+A1 standard.

It is possible to install a bath screen on any bathtub. It is also worth pointing out that in terms of SanSwiss models, customers can choose products from several series. They differ in ways of use and design. Among common features, we can find careful glass processing, which translates into durability, and AQUAPERLE glass coating. It is a special protective coating that prevents watermarks and deposits. As opposed to ordinary glass, water does not flow down the pane in streams but in single drops. It is also a priceless help with cleaning - just give the bath screen a wipe, no need for stubborn scrubbing.

Bath screen - functionality of a shower with a bathtub

It’s not uncommon among household members to disagree on whether it’s better to invest in a bathtub or a shower. Placing a pane on the bathtub should solve this issue. With it, we will be able to enjoy both long relaxing baths and a quick shower in the morning. It is a favorable suggestion since there’s no need to go through a major renovation to enjoy the shower. It is enough to order a good-quality glass screen for the bathtub. Designs included in the SanSwiss offer are prepared in such a way as to guarantee comfort and convenience. Moreover, their asset is an elegant but simple design, which makes the bath shower screen versatile so that it goes well with any arrangement. It looks amazing with contemporary, modern glam, and traditional decor.

Bath screen: advantages

Bath screens have an impressive number of advantages. Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that we save plenty of money and time in comparison to a full bathroom renovation. Also, let’s not forget about the space aspect - combining a bathtub with a shower enclosure will work even in smaller bathrooms that do not have enough space to fit them separately. A bath screen means lower water consumption, and that’s another saving. And what we also save by choosing it is time; showers usually take less time than baths.

When taking a hasty shower in a bathtub with no screen, the water splashes on the floor and the walls. It increases the need for cleaning and creates a risky hazard as one can fall when getting out of the bathtub. With a bath screen, however, the water does not splash, so there is no need to wipe the walls and floors, and that also saves time. Moreover, the mentioned AQUAPERLE coating, which comes as a standard with all SanSwiss bath screens, facilitates cleaning.

Showering is important to improve skin condition, toughen the body and boost us with energy. Cold showers make the skin firm, increase blood circulation, and awaken the sluggish body after the night. With a bath screen, you will be motivated to use a shower every day.

Although bath screens are primarily seen as a functional item, if we choose them carefully, they will constitute a decorative and stylish addition to the bathroom’s decor. It looks amazing with various design styles, and for those who wish to emphasize its design even more, perhaps it’s worth considering placing tiles in different colors by the tub.

Which bath screen to choose?

The manufacturer has intentionally included a wide selection of bath screens in its offer. Every bathroom is different, and so are the bathtubs, thus not always the same product would be the right one for us. The brand has made sure that each customer finds a model that at the same time complements the arrangement and fits the bathtub size. Therefore the catalog includes a one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece bath screens, as well as screens that create a full bathtub enclosure. There are several glass and frame variants, as well as many sizes to choose from, allowing the customers to select the ideal model.