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As a European group of companies with headquarters in Härkingen/Switzerland SanSwiss consistently relying on quality, innovation and sustainability. The greatest possible customer benefit and longevity of the products are an essential part of our worldwide corporate philosophy. Two production sites as well as eight sales companies ensure the implementation of company philosophy in 18 countries in Europe through customer proximity and professional services on-site.
SanSwiss Group is part of the internationally operating RONAL GROUP, one of the world's leading manufacturers of alloy wheels for automotive sector and commercial vehicles.
SanSwiss Hrkingen
SanSwiss Jin


In 1969 Karl Wirth founded the RONAL company. At that time it belonged to the pioneers on the world market of light alloy wheels. Already 50 years RONAL has been applying a high technology, an innovative design and quality without compromise. The lasting growth was achieved thanks to the customers service, continuing innovations and a high standard of quality. The placement of plants provides to the RONAL company a greater competitive advantage in costs and a better demand covering on particular markets.

RONAL serves customers in Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic and the USA.

For ensuring the highest quality RONAL develops and manufactures its own manufacturing tools. These originate both in Cantanhede Portugal and Härkingen Switzerland where there are both headquarters and the development and design centres of the RONAL Group. Thanks to this arrangement the company can ensure short development terms with the best quality and know-how.

Light alloy wheels with own RONAL & SPEEDLINE brands are the lasting leaders on the demanding aftermarket. Both brands are distinguished for their quality and incommutable design. Presence on particular markets; a high technology and a product design; and a state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment help the company to satisfy the customer needs all over the world.

The result of our experience: an attractive design due to aesthetic forms and a quality painting, the top technology for a comfortable drive and safety.

SanSwiss history

1981 - 1999

In 1981 Karl Wirth, the Ronal company owner, decided to build an additional branch to his market leading company. However, it was supposed to be a company not from the automotive industry line. There has started a history of the sanitary division of the Ronal company with the production of shower enclosures in the city of Bitche France near the German border.


The same method which was successfuly used in the production of light alloy wheels started to be also applied with the production of shower enclosures - innovation, design and quality. A continual increase of sales on the markets in France and Germany led to a decision to start the production of shower enclosures in Jičín Czech Republic, in the locality of the light alloy wheels plant where could be used the rear of this plant.


This new production capacity enabled to supply the new markets in Europe and led to founding of new sales organizations in Spain, the Czech Republic and Poland and also to the markets opening e.g. in Slovakia and Hungary.


After eighteen months of experience gathering in Jičín there has come the time for a construction of a new modern production plant where the production moved. On 10,000 sq. meters of the production area the major part of our production range in several series is manufactured with the highest quality requirements.


The new placement of the Ronal brand on the European market brought with itself new thinking of future direction and led to a decision to found a new holding company which would cover all the sanitary divisions. That’s why the SanSwiss brand was founded in 2009. A high demand on our products on the current markets led to the demand also in other countries such as Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Russia and Romania.


In January 2010 a branch in Romania was founded which contributed to meeting of the growing demand and enabled to begin the distribution in other countries too. This branch in Timisoara, as additional production plant with its own sales department, serves as a logistic centre for sales on the Balkans too. With seven own branches and commercial representations in sixteen countries the SanSwiss company became a leading supplier in the bathroom equipment branch. We still hold to our main philosophy - innovation, design and quality - and we put it into practice. With this we do our best to meet the requirements of our customers.


Investing in the future: SanSwiss has built a modern production and logistics complex in Jičín, Czech Republic. The new multifunctional hall is an important step in fulfilling the long-term strategic intention of the company, which is to maximize the efficiency of production, storage and complete logistics system of the entire multinational group. The nearly 200 million investment significantly increased the production, storage and office space from the original 9500 to over 18600 square meters. This makes it possible to efficiently reorganize the flow of materials and end products and, as a result, increase the speed and flexibility of supplies to customers across Europe. In addition, the state-of-the-art technical equipment of the new hall brings further improvement of the quality of all manufactured products and related services for customers.

We continue to place a great emphasis on using exclusively high-quality components, on the technical sophistication of each product and on the precise solution of all the details. This is the only way to create shower enclosures and shower trays of high utility value and durability that are typical of the SanSwiss brand and which are appreciated by consumers not only in the Czech Republic but also in the challenging markets of France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the new Scandinavian markets - in Norway and Sweden.


As a European group of companies SanSwiss consistently relying on quality, innovation and sustainability. The greatest possible customer benefit and longevity of the products are an essential part of our worldwide corporate philosophy. Two production sites as well as sales companies ensure the implementation of company philosophy in Europe through customer proximity and professional services on-site.
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SanSwiss products fulfill the highest demands on technology, functionality, comfort and design. Consistent compliance with product quality is monitored by means of regular testing and testing procedures. The selection of high-quality materials, careful processing in modern manufacturing processes as well as a consequent improvement ensure the recognized high quality level of all SanSwiss products.

All SanSwiss shower enclosures made of tempered safety glass meet the requirements of the European safety standards of EN 12150-1: 2000. With its comprehensive manufacturing competence and innovative product developments, SanSwiss is one of the most successful manufacturers in Europe.