All SanSwiss shower enclosures conform to the European standard EN 14428:2008-A1, which also defines the watertightness requirements for shower enclosures. Depending on design and structure, however, there are certain differences between the various products, which have an impact on the degree of watertightness for spray-water. Models with a distinctive and pronounced profile understandably offer better protection against spray water than frameless models.

The degree of watertightness of a shower enclosure is determined by
- the design of the frame
- the design of the profile
- the hinges
- the design

Regardless of which design or constructive solution your customer decides on, all SanSwiss shower enclosures feature effective protection against spray water.
Reduced threshold strip
*Meets the highest aesthetic requirements in terms of design, at the expense of perfect watertightness.
*This shower model guarantees relative watertightness.
*The treshold strip improves watertightness.
Medium-sized threshold strip
*Good watertightness in standard use.
*In intensive use, accumulation of water behind the threshold strip may cause very slight leaks.
*The treshold strip improves watertightness.
Frame strip
*Watertight in intensive use.
*A working clearance exists between the door and the frame; slight splashing cannot be avoided.
The various levels of watertightness depend on:

• the shape of the frames,

• the shape of the strips,

• the hinges,

• the design of the shower wall.

The price is in no way a guide to the degree of watertightness.